Happy Nurses. Happy Hospitals.

Flex nursing supplies the finest nurses in Northern Virginia to complement emergency department staffing.  Deployed nurses capably staff the most acute regions of our emergency department, and do so with smiles on their faces.  Patients and providers frequently request Flex nurses, and routinely request mechanisms to laud their skills and demeanor.  In a high demand-low supply area for healthcare, Flex fills a market niche with consistently top quality nurses.

Cameron M. Cushing MD MSPH FACEP
Medical Director
Emergency Department
Prince William Hospital

I started working with FlexRN in 2005 after being told by other agency nurses I worked with that it was the best place to go. At the time I was working at a facility that utilized a lot of agency from multiple companies. When I would look at the schedule to see what the staffing was going to be like, I always knew we would be ok if there was a Flex nurse coming in. Even if I didn’t recognize the name, I knew they would be hard working and of great quality. I knew that if I was going to join any agency I wanted to be proud of the company I worked for and excited about the people I worked with. Flex has been just that and I’m so proud to be a part of such a great company.

Bethanie Mintz, RN

I started working for FlexRN because I wanted to gain more nursing experience and I figured better way than through an agency. A friend of mine referred me and spoke highly of the company and I must admit they were right! The staff at Flex is great they know me on a first named basis when I call and when I walk in the office. I was so surprised because they have so many nurses working for them. I have learned a lot work for Flex and I am proud to tell anyone that they are "my" agency and I am always recruiting more nurses. If you're looking for variety, experience and working with trusting individuals Flex RN is the place to be!

Michelle Marshall, RN

After 6 years as a "Flex Nurse", I know that being good at nursing just isn't enough. It's about having the right attitude and approach to providing patient care and a service to the clients Flex serves. Other agencies fill "spots" with nurses.  Flex places skilled people who care about the patients, know their job, and know how to provide a professional service to the client hospital.

When I walk into a Hospital, I'm proud to tell them I'm a "Flex Nurse" - They know that means they are getting a high quality, professional and caring nurse who will meet and where possible exceed their expectations for this shift and the future ones. You see, as a Flex Nurse, I always get invited back. And in PRN Nursing, that says a lot.

Ed Stern, RN